Logo Design: Alta Marie Photographie

I was so excited for this project. We swapped a photography re-brand for the beautiful family pictures we took when the boys were just 5 weeks old. Alta is responsible for the gorgeous detail shots used in my baby detail collages. And the family photos on my about page. She is so talented. I absolutely love her work. I'm this close to finishing her beautiful blog and can't wait to show you! I'll save the link to her page for when it's done. For now, I will just continue to be in love with her horseshoe design. I absolutely love designing custom logos. Every now and again I see an etsy shop with pre-made logos, and it always crosses my mind of whether I should do that or not, but dang it, I LOVE creating one of a kind pieces for my clients. There is too much personality behind a small business to cookie cutter the logo. Like this one: Alta LOVES horseshoes. She also has a connection to French through her husband, hence the "ie" instead of "y" in "photographie". I am in love with everything about this logo, from the color scheme to the stripes to the font. Love. Love. Love.

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