Wedding Design: Sara

I have decided that I need to do more wedding work. I absolutely LOVE typography. It makes me giddy. I have been scouring a few different sites just drooling over the new calligraphy typefaces out there. It seriously makes my heart race. Dorky? sure. But hey, I love me some .otf!

This design was actually done quite a while ago [clearly] and I'm posting it because a recent client reminded me of it [they're cousins...I believe :) Thanks for the referral!]. If you didn't know, my life got reeeeal crazy here in this last little while. Two babies, two moves, three states. A little nutso. So I forgot. But this was honestly the first strict typography design I ever did, and I am crazy about it. I always have been. It printed up beautifully and Sara was a dream to work with. I seriously love it when my clients have such style! I am all about injecting little bits of their personality into my work. I really think it makes things so much more meaningful.

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