All for a Spoon

This little spoon is so enticing. In fact, when it is just out of reach it is that much more important that it gets in my hand right this instant. Especially when it is precariously perched on top of a glass of strawberry milkshake mom made for me.

Who me?


But I don't like being messy!

On an unrelated note, I stumbled upon a trick that has really helped the boys learn how to feed themselves. And, get ready for it, it involves oats. [Who's shocked? Raise your hand.] I would put banana chunks and mango chunks and even steamed carrot chunks in front of the boys for them to grab and feed themselves with. Gray would try so hard but the food would just slide around and he would get frustrated, give up, and just gape his mouth open and whine until I came and fed him. This morning, I threw a handful of oats in the magic bullet, blended them up and used them to coat the fruit pieces.

Stress free eating.

Gray is a happy man. I absolutely love watching them figure things out. I try to let them think and solve the problem for themselves and only act when I know they have given it a good try and genuinely need my help with something. I am constantly blown away by how smart and capable they are if I just give them the chance.

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