Designer Blogs!

Guess what?! I have some exciting news. As of tomorrow, I will be part of the Designer Blogs team and I am SO excited!

Blog Design, Custom Blog Design, Premade Blog Design

I have been loving all the blog design work that I had the past few years. It is a creative outlet like I never dreamed I would be able to manage from my own home. The issue is, I have these three super cute men in my home and they need me. Also, I don't really like doing all the invoicing, marketing, etc. that comes along with owning your own business. I would much rather DESIGN during naptime instead of sending out invoices or cluttering up this blog here with my latest designs. The fit couldn't be more perfect!

That being said:

I would love to create a beautiful, custom blog design for you. Just ask for Kristin [with a K!] on the order form, and they'll make sure I get your project.

Another majorly exciting part of working as part of the Designer Blogs team is that I can now offer premade blog designs starting at just $50 and templates starting at $15! Which means you get all the Call Me Kristin style without the hefty price tag. Win-win, eh?

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I'll be designing for Wordpress again?! I'm pumped!

Can't wait to work with you!

[For wedding design inquiries, please contact me.]

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