Pure Joy + Comfort

It is the first weekend in October. I don't know what a lot of you have going, but my family and I are going to be watching General Conference.

I have a firm testimony that we have a living prophet on the Earth today. I believe that God continues to speak to us, His children. I know from personal experience that following the teachings of our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and our other appointed leaders brings the sweetest joy, peace, comfort and confidence I have ever experienced. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to listen to what counsel our Heavenly Father has for us today.

Please take this as a sincere invitation from me to you. I would love to share with you something that has brought such immense joy, comfort, and happiness to me and our family. A real kind of happiness that doesn't ever leave. It is incredible. It is such a strength to me. If you are looking for answers to a question no one seems to be able to answer or are in a rut and don't know what's wrong, or just feel like the world is continuing to become a place you just don't want to be a part of, please take a bit out of your day to listen.

Sessions are: 10am & 2pm today and tomorrow [MDT] So here in Texas, we're watching at 11am & 3pm. I am the worst at timezones...so I hope that makes sense. Just click the image below for more information!
Come listen to living prophets

As always, I encourage and welcome your respectful discussion and questions. I sure love my readers. It would be such a joy to me to know this was able to help you in any way.

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