The Texas Rangers!

One of the LDS guys in Cam's chiropractic class found tickets on Stubhub for $2.50 a piece in the nosebleeds to the Rangers Game. We couldn't turn that down, so even though the game STARTED past bedtime, we packed up and went and I am SO glad we did! It was so fun. We have such a good group of friends in the chiropractic program already. Oh my goodness I am grateful for these girls. And their families. I love each and every one of them. We are so lucky. I am really grateful for God's timing. I remember feeling weird about waiting so long to start the program. I remember feeling impatient. I remember being angry and not understanding why we weren't supposed to start a year ago. I know why now. And oh I am grateful we listened to the promptings we had.

After the game, there was an awesome fireworks show to music. So fun! We all danced around and watched the pretty lights. The boys didn't sleep a wink. They were completely wired. I was so worried about them going to sleep that night because they were up past midnight! But they crashed in the car and no one moved until 10 the next morning. We are full-on Texas fans. We embrace the local teams. And man oh man I love me some baseball. Fed the boys in the stands. Snuggled up in the blankets. Watched the wonder on their faces at the fireworks. Talked with good friends. That is a recipe for a wonderful night. Nights like this are so good for the soul. And it all cost $5. Doesn't get better than that.

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