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Today I was sent a supposedly "funny" link to a post entitled "husband shaming" where all these women have submitted photos of something their husbands have done that is dumb or shameful or whatnot. It's no wonder the media keeps portraying the "stupid husband syndrome." Obviously it sells! And what's even worse is the disrespect for the husbands is horrible. If Cam got together with a bunch of his friends and started talking about all the little things I do that drive him absolutely nuts or all of my faults I would be heartbroken. Even if they were small enough to just let them roll off my back, do you really think that's helpful to your marriage? [Or your relationship? for the non-marrieds :)] The comments section turned into a complain-a-thon. It's a dangerous thing to complain about your spouse in a public setting. You get validation for all the little things that rub you the wrong way. And then all of a sudden the little things turn into big things and you have forgotten all the little things that used to be big things that you loved about them. So here is my feeble attempt at remedying the situation at least on a small scale.

At the beginning of our relationship, Cameron could do no wrong. Neither could I. We both walked on water in the others' eyes. And I'm bringing that back. Because I believe that husbands go unappreciated all the time. And I also believe in "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." BUT, it shouldn't be that hard to find something nice to say.

And I know that any time I post something about Cameron and people comment on it in a positive way, he can't help but feel good. So write up a quick "just because" post about something your man does or did and we'll make it a party! Comment here and leave your link and then go comment on 3 other posts that are below OR just tell us something great about your man in the comments and we'll have a brag-a-thon instead of a complain-a-thon. Hopefully, we'll have some happy and appreciated men this weekend!

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