Trick or Treat

We had our annual Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. We always have such a fun time, but I am always sad we are so limited by space! I wish we could've invited so many more people, but we were PACKED as it was. We got all ready and I had to feed the judges before everyone got there. I love this picture. We have made a point to add the boys to our family. Yes, our lives have changed a lot since their arrival, but we don't use them as an excuse to be lame. Which I like. In fact, we do MORE fun things because of them. 

Luna and Neville made an appearance. For those of you who were wondering, yes, they do get married.

A quarter and a gumball machine. SO CUTE. Tori drew that quarter on the drive over. Luckily they had pretty bad traffic on the way over so she had time to finish it. Not so luckily, they were stopped on the freeway for a couple hours on the way home too. :(

Joey, Natalie and their adorable Bumble Bee

Charlie Brown and Lucy made an appearance as well.

The witch and her ninja.

The Hulk and his buddy the Ninja

This is what happened when I asked them for another pose. I blame Todd. Too hot to handle, gentlemen. lol

The boys sat in their high chairs and judged the competition for a bit and then got a little rowdy and joined the games. Meaning they needed to be held and played with.

We play the same game every year. Trick or Treat. There is a bowl full of strips of paper that either say Treat or have a trick you have to do. Luna performing the scarecrow.

Doug with his poisoned bottle.

Death by Chocolate

The Mad Dog

Smashing Pumpkins. Tori seriously owned this game. Hilarious

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Loser had to cackle like a witch. :) Well done Lincoln!

The Grim Reaper. Whipped Cream and Butter Knife shaving. We LOVED having so many kids over for these games! They were such good sports about everything!

Ghost Buster

The Mummy

Smashing Pumpkins take 2. Lori has the worst gag reflex ever. That would be ONE marshmallow in her mouth. To her credit, they were HUGE pumpkin shaped mallows. lol

Cam as the scarecrow.

Ogre painting. Pistachio pudding in your toes. Yum. :)

The fastest ding dong the witch is dead, EVER.

And I actually don't remember who won.

Beautiful miss Jenna getting in on the action.

OK this was hilarious. Nate and Ashlee bobbed for apples first [not sure where all those pictures went. :(] and Matt sat on the couch the whole time talking about how he was so glad it wasn't him doing it and making fun of them. Guess what he drew next? Bobbing for Apples. Ah, karma! The deal was you had to find the apple that had a quarter in it. [Secret: the quarter weighs down one side and keeps the apple from turning upright so you can't grab it by the stem] Matt cheated and put a quarter from Todd's costume in an apple and grabbed it with his mouth.

So the next time he went down, we doused him with water bottles. lol.

Lori was so great. As soon as she figured out the quarter was still int he bucket, she made sure she got it. Better luck next time Matt!

Joey and Jenna with the Ghost Buster. Oh she was so cute! I love seeing a dad with his little girl.

And then things got a little crazy. oh my gosh these pictures crack me up. Cam [Adam Levine] took his tattoos off and put them over his face.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

We had SO much fun. I can't thank everyone enough for coming and being up for playing with us crazy Calls! I'm so grateful to have such good friends here in Texas.

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