A White Christmas

We flew into Arizona on the red-eye flight. The next day, we caught a ride to my dad's office in Tempe and he took us up to Flagstaff for the rest of the week. It was so good to have some time with my family after such a long and taxing trimester. We had the best time. I always love getting to spend time with my mom. She gets me. We are really best friends. She unfortunately got sick early in the week and had to spend some time napping to get herself feeling better. It was this trip where I really learned the power of essential oils. My mom is brilliant with them. And I fell in love with them. Medicinal power without the chemicals? Yes, please.
Gray loved their tree. There are pinecones and lights all over it. He spent a lot of time checking it out.
One of the first nights we were there, Grammy gave the boys her phone to play with. We NEVER give the boys our phones. They were in heaven. And they got into the biggest wrestling match of their lives. Nash would put one hand on Gray's chest to hold him down and steal the phone with his other hand. Then, when Gray got the phone back, he would put it under his bum so Nash couldn't see it. They were so fun to watch!
One of the best parts of the break, though, was so much uninterrupted playtime with Dad! The boys completely adore him. 

Dad plays rough sometimes. Poor dude! They konked heads.

We also got to spend some great time with Uncle Rick and Aunt Alyssa. My mom and I whipped up 4 pairs of pajamas for the boys while we were there. These little race car jams are my favorite. I love those baseball style shirts! I used a serger for the first time in my life and wow that thing is slick! We had all 8 pieces put together in half an hour. The hemming and finishing took a little longer, but it was like a sweatshop. This is how mothers of multiples should sew. It was so fun.

I love seeing my parents with the boys. They are so fun. I do have to get on Grammy's case every now and again for giving them treats. Which taste good, sure, but they make for sore bums!
Spitting image of his daddy. Love this Gray boy. This was on the last night in Flagstaff. We had a little Christmas morning together so my parents could ship our presents back to Texas for us. [Traveling for Christmas is so complicated with kids!]
We were all so excited and the boys definitely fed off our energy.
We covered the boys' eyes while Grammy and Grandpa brought their presents out.
They were in heaven. Gray is my subdued, sweet, snuggly boy. And then he got a dump truck. He was bouncing and giggling and shouting. And fighting with Nash over it.
They also got a ride-on pony that sings and talks to you. Nash kept petting it and trying to grab its mouth while it sang its song. [The lips move.]

We also got a few fun Christmas books for the boys. We are doing more and more reading. Gray loves it especially. We have learned that we don't eat books. And he will turn the pages for me while we read. Smart kiddo.
Nash on his dump truck. We are fans.

Grandma Frost came over before we headed back to Queen Creek. It is always so good to see her. Gray was sleeping so Nash got spoiled with all the Grandma time.
My dad drove us down to Queen Creek and we got ready to celebrate Christmas all over again!

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