Little Red Sled

Grammy bought a little red sled for Nash and Gray. Then she got sick and had to stay in bed while we went outside and played. The boys absolutely loved it. We borrowed snow clothes and kept them in their footie pajamas to keep warm while Dad pulled them all around the cul-de-sac.

My heart is so full looking at these pictures. These beautiful, happy, curious boys are mine. I am so grateful. I love so much about these. I love Nash waiting patiently for his turn. I love that Nash was so unhappy actually being IN the snow, while Gray was right at home. I love how their hats make them look so grown up, and how Nash's little fuzz head is showing out the bottom of his. I love that little neck. I love how fluffy Gray is. How big those clothes are on my little man. I adore the handsome man pulling the sled, who is never too cool or too busy for playtime with his boys.

We played and played and even put both boys in the sled together for a little while, though I'm sure there are some warnings against that. Isn't that what playtime is for?

They couldn't have been happier. And I must have taken 100 pictures in 20 minutes. They were so giggly and curious and full of joy. And oh they are handsome. All 3 of them.

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