Bowling Night!

Last night we went out on the town a little bit. It had been months since we had blown off bedtime and had some fun! All of our Chiropractic School friends were getting together at a bowling alley in Grapevine, so we loaded up and headed their way. I was a little apprehensive because at home, bowling alleys are full of smoke and they are dark and have obnoxious loud music. We went to a Main Event bowling alley which was completely family friendly. We had so much fun. The boys loved all the lights and sounds and of course all the balls. I started the game with a strike and a spare and try as he might, Cam couldn't catch up. {He ended the game with a spare, but alas my final frame also had a strike and a spare. I love beating him. :)}

It was so good to see our friend again! We hadn't all been together since before Christmas and in that time my friend Tori had her baby, Channing. I was so excited to meet him! He was so precious and she gets major points for coming out and bringing him! Hand sanitizer was everywhere, but oh we had fun!

Everyone is so good with our boys. It makes it so we get to have a fun time too. Two other families have kids and there are a few couples without kids, so plenty of hands to hold. So great.

I gave up keeping the boys from crawling on the floor early on. They had a bunch of fun patterned lights that blinked and flashed all over the floor and Nash was having a blast trying to catch them.

Since we were all the way out in Grapevine, we decided to see how far away we were from our favorite Bahama Buck's. It has a drive-thru and is ideal for getting the best treat EVER without having to unload the kiddos. We were only about 15 minutes away, so we headed over there on our way home. Gray refused to fall asleep. The boys were pretty high on life after the bowling alley. So we didn't get to park and enjoy, but I have become pretty pro at spoon-feeding people. And we had a full punch card to redeem! $5 for two huge Bahama Buck's? Amazing. I got Cinnamon and Wedding Cake with Chocolate Creme. Tastes like chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Amazing. Cam got a Bahama Rama Mama with Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream and Root Beer ice. So so good. We shared and talked all the way home.

The best part was that since the boys were up so late, we all slept in until 8:45! What a great way to start the weekend. 

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