Boys Boys Boys

I am a mom of boys. I can't get over how fun it is to watch these kiddos discover the world around them. They are so curious. They are charming. They are heartthrobs for sure. I have severe crushes on them both. Nash has been feeling less than great lately, poor guy. We've been cuddling on the couch and watching Chuck the Dump Truck and looking out the window a lot. We hit the jackpot yesterday when a bunch of backhoes and tractors and bulldozers were working out in the alley across the street. Every few minutes one would drive by our house. It went on for hours. A parade of construction vehicles just for my sick boy.

We spent a great deal of time perched on the couch. This was as normal as he'd been acting in days! He kept reaching out and touching the window and squealing and then he would look back at me all excited and I would say, "I know! I see them too!" and we would go back to watching. Gray joined us a few times as well. He would crane his neck to catch the final glimpses of the bulldozer as it drove out of sight.

He was feeling great, though, and took advantage of the space to get some good crawling practice in. He's got the army crawl down, but it's a rare occasion for him to be up on all fours truckin' around the house.

I thought Nash was feeling better early afternoon and sent this picture to Cameron while he was at school studying. Nash was goofing around and laughing and talking with Gray. It was so nice to see him act normal! And then nap time came.

He took a great nap and woke up three hours later completely covered in diarrhea. Poor guy! This is the third day in a row we have had bathtime right after naps because of this issue. Apparently we have a few more stomach bugs to work out. (I attribute it to the dirt he ate out of my potted plant a few days ago. Mischief.)
I bathed Gray with Nash because I'd rather only do bathtime once, and they both really enjoy it. They are able to pull themselves up now and I came around the corner to this: both of them, towel wrapped, watching the construction again.

Boys. Little Men. And they're mine.

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