Easy Street

The Easy Street finial....This has been a wild ride the last 2 weeks.  Christmas and New Years was lots of fun with family and friends.  Between it was the Mystery Quilt, Easy Street over at Quiltville Quips & Snips.  Within a few days we jumped from Step 6 to Step 8 and the finished quilt.  I was determined to stay with it and finish at the end.  Well last night I sewed the borders on and today I took pictures.

Here we have Step 6:

Here is Step 7:


And Step 8 and finish quilt:

This has been lots of fun and my Thanks goes out to Bonnie and her willingest to share her talents with us.

This week I will be off to the quilt shop to buy more fabric.  I know what I want to do for the back and I am hoping to get this quilt on the machine by next week.

I have been back to First Monday again to start the New Year off right and I got the best Christmas presents ever.....so come back in a few days and I will so you.  Right now I really need to take down my Christmas deco's and clean my house.


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