First Haircuts!

I had been thinking about cutting the boys' hair for a couple months and it finally got to the point where Cam agreed that it was time to cut it. Gray has been affectionately nicknamed the rockstar due to his peacock-like mohawk. It was nearing 3 inches long and had as much body as ever. Nash's just got longer and stringier and was coming down into his eyes. It was time.

I had a bit of a meltdown right before giving them the haircuts. They are so little! And I knew this haircut would make them look like little boys instead of my babies. They're getting bigger whether I like it or not though, and a haircut would make them look so handsome. So we got out the clippers and the bumbo chair and went to work! 

I admit, I burst into tears after cutting Nash's hair. I was worried I had messed it up around his ears. Upon further review I was just being insane. It looked great. But Cam started teasing me. And I lost it. In Cam's defense, any normal person would have been just fine taking the teasing. It was light hearted and done in love. And I was a disaster. After a quick regroup, we tackled Granger's rockstar mane. 

His was much easier to handle. He looked handsome from the get go. I could tell this was going to be such a good thing! And my confidence was up because Nash really did look great. Cam held their little faces and distracted them and played with them while I cut. It worked great. I am absolutely thrilled with how they turned out! But they do look like little boys now. I can't believe how grown up they look. We decided to take a celebratory swing ride. Oh they look so handsome. 

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