From Days Gone By

We went back out to First Monday and there I found a Prison Box.  Very interesting story:
The prison boxes were made by prisoner's (prisoner's of war).  They are made out of straw wood and hand carved.  They sell now between ...$125.00 to $800.00.  This box was made by a young man that was in Colorado prison in 1960 and his mother lived in Texas.  It has a drawer with two handles and the top opens up with a small tray in the top and a mirror.

  The story here goes like this:  on December 27th I was headed over to the quilt shop to spent the money I got for Christmas and I asked my girls to go with me.  Cassandra and Lydia were right there asking me for my help to make their dolls a quilt.  This time they wanted to do it all by themselves, from start to finish.  Their little quilts took a whole day, but they had so much fun with it.  Now the baby dolls and girls are happy.

  In-between sewing with the girls and Bonnie's mystery quilt, Easy Street, I did finish this quilt.  The blocks were an exchange with a dear friend.  The pattern is the 'Raise the Roof'.  Like always I had to change it just a little.

  Sorry for the bad photos, it had been nothing but clouds and rain here in Texas for the last few days and my camera doesn't always like that.

   The year ended right on spot and the new year has started off great.....  Hope your year is going to be a GREAT ONE...

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