Life after the Holidays

 OK, Christmas is over and the deco's are all put away until next year.  Although I don't know why we put them away because the year goes by so fast it's almost time to put them out again.

  If you remember about a month ago I gave a clue that something was coming.  My DH bought me a beautiful Singer Red Eye, with no case.  Now if you need a table, you are better off buying one with a machine in it so you have the brackets to put your machine in with.

    By the time we bought the table for this machine, I now have a 66 Sphinx and a 66 Lotus Flower and two tables .  We now have the Eye Red in it's new home and I love sewing on her.  Unlike most people when I treadle, both of my feet are going the same direction at the same time.  Always stopping in the heal down position.  It just comes natural to me.

 What happened in 1946:

We are still in World War II
Winston Churchill warns of an "iron curtain" falling over the Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe.
Xerographic photocopying process invented.
Mobile telephones and zoom lens were introduced for the first time.
The World Series: St. Louis over Boston, 4-3
Alfred Hitchcock released his thriller 'Notorious'
Songs of the year were 'Come Rain or Come Shine' and 'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah'
Dr. Spock wrote 'Baby and Child Care' which influences millions of new and expectant parents throughout the U.S.
Strapless bras become popular, ushering in a trend toward bare-shouldered women's fashions
'Tide', the first detergent designed for automatic clothes washing machines was introduced.
The First electric clothes dryers made.
Suntan lotions, developed for the troops during World Ward II was marketed to consumers for the first time.

One of the talks my DH and I had was that I thought it would be fun to have a machine as old as I am.  That leads us to the next machine.  This is a Singer 99K.  We have put a motor and light on it, so I can have more fun sewing.

All four of these machines  are beautiful and work like clockwork.

So this post does not get to long, come back tomorrow and see what First Monday brings....

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