We just got back from Christmas break. It was a faith-building experience, and I mean that completely seriously. Oh how grateful I was for sleeping babies on that red-eye flight, the product of priesthood blessings given earlier that day. Four sick, tired, Calls. And we made it home.

Earlier in the week, though, I got to spend some wonderful time with our family. Emilee, Kiara, Amber, Jared, Wayne, Adrienne, Adam, Sam and all the kiddos. And something I cherish with each of these beautiful people is the thoughtful conversation that just seems to happen. In-laws, whatever. These people are my friends. They are my family. No strings attached.

I had the chance to put together a couple cute blogs and re-designs for Emilee, Kiara and Wayne while I was out there and not working on other projects. And it dug up some good thoughtful conversation on things I hadn't really given a lot of brain power to before. We were setting up Wayne's blog. He's currently fighting cancer right now and doing a heck of a good job of it. I designed a blog for him to tell his story. Because it needs to be told. And we were talking about linking it up to Facebook and why you would or would not do something like that. And Emilee said something that hit me:

"I'm a selfish blogger, so I don't link mine up. My blog is for me. I blog to record our story."

Wayne is blogging to tell his story and to hopefully connect with other people and get support and give support. When I was going through infertility, I wanted to connect with other people. I wanted to get our story out there and hopefully cure some of the ignorance that surrounds infertility. I wanted, needed support. I gained so much strength in that period of my life from sharing our story. And oh, I made some awesome friends.

But, my purpose has really changed. I have been compiling yearbooks for our family. I'm recording our family history. And I love it. The posts about what we did, our memories, etc. They mean the world to me. Our pictures. Our family. That's what I want. That's what I need to record.

So, I'm taking a leaf out of Emilee's book and getting selfish this year. (and hopefully for years to come.) My purpose to blog is to record our family history. And it won't be linked up anywhere anymore. I'm blogging for us. For my family. We are far, far away from our relatives. Grandparents and aunts and uncles and close friends want to know what we're up to. Blogging is the best way I know to update everyone and keep a record at the same time.

Because our life is beautiful. 
I will record it for us.

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