We're in for it...

Today, we were sitting in the pew at the very beginning church and both boys were standing at our feet trying to maneuver a hymn book out of its holder. I leaned over to Cameron and whispered "I think church is about to get crazy." I thought we had a few weeks to psyche up for the crazy. Boy was I wrong! Not 10 minutes into sacrament meeting, Nash peed through his diaper. Then, Gray started "singing" which is a loud gravely scream. Though he sounds happy and it makes everyone laugh, it's pretty distracting. So Cam took him outside to calm him down. Rowdy boy! Also, Cam is the ward choir pianist and I sing in the choir. We were performing a song for Ward Conference today and seconds before we go up to sing, Nash pukes all down my arm, in my hair, and over the back of the pew! We wiped him up, handed him off to the lady sitting next to us and went to sing. What a nice lady!

Things got much better after the puke though. Gray fell asleep cuddled up on my shoulder. It has been months since I have felt his warm breathing on my neck. He is such a doll baby. Nash was still being crazy, but Cam had to take him because Gray was sleeping. I took Nash to Sunday School and got him to sleep in Young Women's.

Normally, Cam has the magic touch to getting the boys to sleep at church. It made me feel good. I hope it isn't a fluke. After a crazy sacrament meeting, we had good naps at church! That never happens. Maybe we do have a few more weeks to psyche up for the tornado that's heading our way.

For now we're all pretty beat. Well mom and dad are. We put on beauty and the beast in hopes of some down time. Cam and I are laying on the couches. Nash is crawling everywhere and Gray is drumming on the DVD player. Still I wouldn't change a thing.

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