Del's Charcoal Burgers

We have been down in the trenches a little bit lately. Cameron is in school full force and I am trying to keep everything above water here at home. We have been eating "weekday vegetarian" for a while now, but it was Saturday and I didn't have a plan for dinner. Cameron had heard about this great little hole in the wall burger place called Del's Charcoal Burgers. We looked it up and headed out. The boys had already eaten dinner, but were happier than normal before bedtime. I think they could sense that mom and dad needed a break, and oh what a break we got! Homemade rootbeer, classic delicious burgers (the best I've had so far! Sorry 5 guys...), fried twinkies, sweet potato fries. We enjoyed good conversation, cute boys, and awesome food. The owner was there chatting with us. It was as down home country, small-town Texas as I've found in Dallas. And I love that everybody knows everybody feel. We will be coming back. Absolutely we will. It's a total gem.

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