Love Day

Valentine's Day was a little anti-climactic this morning. My mom always made a big breakfast with waffles, and strawberries, and goblets, and a lace tablecloth from my grandma. I love that tradition. But with Cameron leaving for school at 5:30 in the morning, and the boys still being in their highchairs, and still learning to eat, I didn't do anything special for breakfast. We ate the last of the strawberries yesterday and I haven't been to the store again yet. I didn't intend for it to be this way, but we really didn't do anything special this morning. And I was bummed out about it.

I got a little wake up call on my way to put the boys down for their morning naps. Normally, I set them at the base of the stairs and they climb up to their bedroom. I block off the entryway with our ottoman so the boys can't get to the stairs unless I am watching them. Nash was already on the third stair when I carried Gray over the ottoman to set him at the base. There is a little ledge that sticks out at the base of the banister. I came down straight on that ledge on the edge of my kneecap, off the ottoman. The pain was so bad it took my breath away. I managed to set Gray down on the floor before crumbling myself. I couldn't say anything but "oh! Oh! OH!" It hurt so bad. I don't know if the boys have ever seen me in pain before. I was so scared to bend my leg. My thoughts turned to the fact that my phone was all the way in the kitchen and how on earth was I going to make it in there to get a hold of someone to come help me. So I prayed.

And immediately Nash crawled down the stairs to come give me a hug. (Which he has never done before on his own.) Gray grinned up at me and put his hand on my leg. And my knee is sore to the touch, but I don't even have a bruise.

In Young Women's we have been talking a lot about divine nature. And today I am reminded that it is in my boys' divine nature to protect their family. And they do.

Today, that is what love is for me. My boys. Looking out for me. Making sure I am ok. Showing me they love me.

Sweet boys.

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