Sunday Sickies

This morning, the boys woke up with the sniffles. I rubbed some breathe oil on their chests and onguard on the bottoms of their feet. They perked right up. We were debating taking them to choir practice or not. In a rookie mom move, I said we should all just pack up and go. We had also just installed the boys' new forward-facing carseats. I'd like to think that didn't make a difference in my decision, but I think it did.

The boys were absolutely insane during choir practice. I was wrestling them, and singing. Cam was wrestling them and playing. Random choir members were wrestling them. Snot was everywhere.

We made it through practice and about ten minutes of sacrament meeting. Cam took Gray outside to the foyer because he was getting loud. Meanwhile, Nash was busy throwing his spiky red rubber ball down the aisle for Brother Lewis, who was also passing the sacrament, to retrieve. He threw it twice. And twice Brother Lewis brought it back. Once with the bread, once with the water.

Cameron took the boys home after that. They had snot running down their cute little faces. Cam wasn't feeling well either, and truth be told, neither was I, but it was nice to sit and listen to the lessons without wrestling the boys. A big part of me missed them, though, which surprised me. I really live to be their mama.

We took a family walk to the park after church and let them crawl around on the jungle gym. They are fearless. They crawl right up to the edge of the slide and love going down it! The tunnels are also a favorite. We took the long way home and had a wonderful conversation about how the next 5 years are hopefully going to play out. Planning a future together is one of the best parts of being married to Cameron.

After dinner and getting the boys to bed, Cam and I played a wii sports tournament. So much fun! We got to giggling so hard. Victory dances included.

He helped me clean the house up so I would be able to start the week without digging out of a hole and we took an early bedtime.

It sounds simple, but I live for the weekend. Monday always comes too soon!

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