Walk the Walk

Granger really took off tonight. Walking and walking. He always does on the days he gets adjusted. But tonight was different. Things really clicked with him, and everyone was so excited! I am so proud of him. He practices every day and falls down a lot, but his determination and happy attitude is completely inspiring to me!

With all of the applause and praise, though, Nash was being a bit of a downer. He was whining and crying and constantly needing to be held. It broke my heart when I realized his feelings had been hurt. I said "let's practice Nash's walking!" And I let him hold on to my fingers as we walked across the room a few times and scooped him up in big hugs at the end. Dad took a turn, and oh his face just lit up.

That was all he needed. It hit me that these boys are people. Like, going to grow up people. They have feelings and are far more aware of their situation and surroundings than I realize sometimes, I think. They are getting better at being able to express what is bothering them. They are becoming more individual in their specific needs. It is such a confidence boost for me to be able to recognize and meet the differing needs of my children.

We also had a quick talk about why if is important to be excited for each others' successes. Growing up, our family motto was "mature and secure". I never dreamed we would adopt it into our family this early!

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