13 Month Update

Things I don't want to forget about my boys at this stage:

1. Nash is going through an extremely clingy phase. He gives some really great hugs though! Sometimes I call him my little spider monkey. He can hold on so tight! I love his hugs. At night, he will climb up me and rest his head on my shoulder. I love that all he needs is me.

2. Granger is a sweetie. He loves looking upside down. He will sit on my lap and lean back until he can see my face. He is a snuggle bug. I love his chubby hands. They look so big to me!

3. Gray is a chub, for sure. I eat his double chin constantly. It makes him giggle so hard. His laugh is infectious! I could listen to it all day.

4. Nash's little chin makes me so happy. He gets extra ticklish and giggly when I nibble on it. He snorts when he laughs, just like me.

5. The boys are bottomless pits when it comes to food. They eat and drink three large meals a day, but lately we have been snacking a ton in between, too! I can't keep up!

6. Peekaboo is a huge favorite right now. They shriek and laugh and grin. It is so fun! We play around corners, with the shower curtain, their bedroom curtains, balls, books, anything.

7. The basketball is the favorite toy right now. They can pass it back and forth, lift it up, and throw it, but the best is when mom or dad bounces it.

8. Gray will push himself up and start walking, but only after bath time and in his room. He takes the most steps when he is stark naked. Nash is still working out his jealousy issues. Funny boys.

9. I have officially removed the stairs gate! Left alone, the boys go up and down without a problem. It makes all of us so much happier.

10. We are also officially off bottles! Hooray! And they take cold milk straight out of the fridge without a problem. My life just got so much simpler.

11. Nash has a serious foot/shoe fetish. He will find, play with and chew on any shoe within a 10 foot radius. Silly kiddo.

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