The Children's Museum

With all this dad time we have had a lot of opportunities to explore our city a little more. We had heard good things about the new Perot museum downtown and decided to look into getting an annual membership. It took about 5 minutes to make that decision. We'll be spending a lot of our summer here when it is too hot to play outside. The boys had a ball! And Cam and I really enjoyed walking around the other exhibits. It would be a really fun place to have date night without the kiddos too.

We wandered into the basement where the baby section is. No kids over the age of 5 are even allowed. They had things to climb on, things to climb through, toys, mirrors, and the ever incredible water table. They had aprons to wear to keep their clothes dry, but by the end of it, Gray might as well have been in the bathtub. They were so happy. We made a few friends who also have passes and I'm really looking forward to meeting up with them next time!

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