QT Pincushion Tutorial

 Today we are making a fun pincushion.....

 and sewing box.....

 For the pincushion we start off with 2 pieces of fabric any size and any color.  My large one here is 5 inches square and the smaller one is 3 inches square, but any size will do.  Some times with the larger one I will layer it with 2 pieces of muslin just for a tighter construction.

Layer the  fabrics, right sides together with the extra muslin if you are using it, on the top and bottom.  Stitch all around the outside edge at 1/4 inch seam, leaving an opening on one side for turning.  Cut away the 4 corners as shown.

With a pin,line up the seam on both sides of a corner turning the seam allowance towards the opposite way and stitch across like you would for a bag bottom.  How big of a seam here is up to you as to how thick or thin you want your pincushion and what size square you started with. With the larger size I like to draw a pencil line to follow and with the smaller one I just use my sewing machine foot.  I do back tack and sew the seam twice just so it won't come out.

When that is done, cut away the extra fabric and turn it inside out.

I like to fill my pincushions with Crushed Walnut Shells.  You can find them at your pet shops.  Making a paper funnel with the help of type paper and a couple of staples, fill the bag.  You can move the funnel around as you get to the top and help the shells go where you want them.  I fill as many as I can get in and then use a straight pin to pin shut.  A simple running stitch will close it nicely and when you sew your topper on it, it should pull tight.  I use multiple stitches going from the top to bottom and back, tying off with a square knot.

You can find some really cute toppers at the scrap-book stores.  Flowers, lace, crochet, buttons or some applique flowers you have laying around.  You can even add 2 or 3 squares on top of each others.

Now for the Sewing Kit.....  This is just an eyeglass case holder I bought at Wat-mart. I think I paid about $4.00 for it.  The little 3 inch square pincushion fits in here really nice with plenty of room for thread, scissors and etc.


Just one more look.... make yourself one or more and enjoy......

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