Everything is a phase. Gray is currently in a hair pulling and "give loves" phase. Nash is in an ear-splitting screeching and happy dance phase. And as the good comes with the bad, so will the good go with the bad. 

These little nuggets of boy-hood that I adore so much will eventually be outgrown. And so will the parts of boy-hood that drive me nuts. 

And I can't help but want to remember every single second of it all because it all passes so quickly. Where have the gummy smiles and wrinkly foreheads gone? I loved them. And I have never quite known this feeling before. Because I long to have them again, but I would not trade my grown up little boys for even a minute back in time. I would miss out on the newness, curiosity, story time, luh oo's, and tackle-hugs of the now. 

And that would be truly heartbreaking. 

So I will chin up and savor these phases. These moments. And avoid the hollowness of unfeeling that so often tries to creep in to the day-to-day. We are colorful. We are bright. And we are in love. And my sun rises and sets with my three men. 

I love being their lady. 

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