4th of July!

Since we went and did Kaboom town the night before, we decided not to do fireworks again. Cameron had worked so hard to be able to take the entire day off with us, though, that we slept in together, got up and ready and spent the entire day as a red, white and blue family.

That morning was a ward breakfast at the park by our house. Cameron really wanted to go, but since we were all out and up so late the night before everyone slept through the alarm! We hustled to get ready and headed over to the park to catch the last bit of the food. We really have the best ward. The boys can run wild because there are kids and other friends happy to watch them and play with them. It makes it feel a little more like home.

After breakfast, we headed to do some shopping for a bbq later that night. I believe in holidays. I believe in making a fuss over them. And I believe in treats. So we bought a half gallon of chocolate milk to fill the boys' sippy cups with and matching blue ball caps. And we picked up the stuff to make homemade rootbeer and stuffed burgers. And then we all came home for a major nap.

I love that about having little kids. They remind you to slow down and take care of yourself. And oh that sleep felt great!

We invited our friends the Petersens to come swimming with us and have a bbq and watch Harry Potter with us. They had been at Kaboom town too and weren't up for fireworks again either. I am so grateful for good friends! We ended up going swimming at their pool and then meeting up again at our place for food. The root beer came out clear instead of brown (that's what we get for buying the cheap extract!) but tasted great! The boys went to bed early. And we watched Harry Potter and heard the faint booming of the city fireworks outside.

Sometimes the best memories come from getting rid of all the "supposed to's" and doing what makes your family happy. And sometimes that means sleep and british actors on Independence Day.

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