Little Big Things

There are many times during my days with the boys that I just want to remember certain little things. Little things that really are the big things. The things that just make me fall farther in love with these incredible little boys that call me mom.

  • Gray's word lately is "happy." He says it over and over and over again and scrunches up his nose in a cheesy little smile. I love that scrunchy little nose. I love how he smiles with his eyes. I love that his hair sticks straight up and makes his entire person look genuinely happy. Like his body can't contain all that joy. 
  • Whenever I go in to get them in the mornings or after naps they jump up as soon as they see me and start running and jumping in place against the front of their cribs. I love starting the day with that much excitement! They are a riot. I try to switch off who I get out of the crib first and give them a huge smushy kiss on the cheek. Without fail, the next stop is to look out the window and greet the big green tree. And then we all trek downstairs for breakfast together. 
  • Nash is a chatterbox. He is learning more and more words. His favorite one right now is "whoa whoa!" He likes to experience and explore everything. And when he really likes something his reaction is "whoa whoa!"
  • The words the boys know right now are whoa, daddy, ball, apple, yummy, mommy, happy, help, all done, love you (sometimes!), papa, hello, and hi!
  • Phones are a favorite right now. Anything can become a phone. And whenever I ask who they are talking to, it is either daddy or papa. Or they just say "hello!" again. I love seeing their little elbows and hands with the "phone" curled behind their head. 
  • Gray says "daddy" with such articulation, he almost sounds British. I love it. Da-tty! Da-tty! 
  • The boys are such major fans of Dad. He is already their hero through and through. Whenever he comes home from school they run to the door. If I tell them he's home and he hasn't come through the door yet, they climb up on the couch as fast as they can to try to catch a glimpse of him through the window. And seeing them run into his arms before he even has the chance to put his bags down makes my heart soar. 
  • Cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels is at the top of their list right now. I worked out the other day while the boys were awake and they each picked a train and drove it along every surface they could find. Walls, couches, chairs, doors, the ottoman, the floor. They chased each other around with their train and I got a 40 minute workout all to myself! The same goes for church. A car or truck with occupy them for longer than almost anything else. 
  • I love watching Granger learn about the things around him. He turns anything with wheels over and spins each wheel with his finger. He is so focused and intent on whatever he is studying at the time. He reminds me a lot of Cameron that way. 
  • Granger also has my freckles. They have just started showing up underneath his left eye. I'm sure it has a lot to do with us being out in the sunshine so much lately, but I love finding anything on him that comes from me! 
  • When we put the boys to bed we tickle them like crazy. They laugh and laugh and laugh and snort! (just like me.) I love that they go to bed happy. When the boys are happy, I am so happy. 

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