Staycation....Sort Of

Yesterday, our house was hot. The temperature just kept climbing and climbing. By the time Cameron came home it was 84 inside. Our air conditioning was busted. So we got out of the house. The problem with that is when we get out of the house we tend to spend money we don't have. But the trimester is over in just over a month. And we decided to help ourselves feel better a little bit. We've been under a lot of stress.

We went to Costco to pick up a prescription and ended up buying some sweet cherries and flip-flops for me, since I hadn't had a new pair in over 2 years. The boys were ready for bed at this point, but it was too hot at our house. We just wanted to be in the car where the air worked. And then Cam's mom called. They had reserved us a hotel room about a mile away. Oh, it completely saved us! We ran home to pack up our overnight bags and headed to Bahama Buck's for a treat. I was hoping the drive would put the boys to sleep, but they were pretty wired.

We got to the hotel and tracked down a couple pack and plays for the boys. Luckily, the hotel had them for us. I drew them a bath to help calm them down and Cam set up the beds. We put one in the bathroom and one in the hallway so they would have a bit of their own space and hopefully sleep pretty deep.

They went wild after we had family prayer and put them to bed! It was like they were having a sleep over. They were laughing and talking and jumping around. It was so fun to listen to! After about 20 minutes they calmed down and nodded off to sleep, sweet boys. In the meantime, I caught up on a few business emails and played a game on the ipad. Cameron snuck out to Chili's in the parking lot for some unnecessary but delicious food. When he got back we shared queso, buffalo chicken salad, and egg rolls on the bed while watching Suits together.

It almost felt like we had no responsibility in the world.

And the next morning, everyone slept in until 9:30 thanks to the blackout curtains.

The boys were ecstatic again. Running around, exploring everywhere. It broke my heart that we didn't have somewhere awesome to go that day! I wish we were headed to Disneyland or Sea World or ANYTHING instead of back to our house.

Someday, boys. Someday, we will road trip with you to somewhere amazing and that hotel room excitement will be better than ever.

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