Bedtime Prayers

We've been working a lot lately on folding our arms and being reverent for prayers. It normally lasts less than 5 seconds and the rest of the prayer is spent running in circles around me. But sometimes, things just click. Those moments are pure gold as a parent.

Tonight, Cameron was out at a seminar late. I let the boys play outside after dinner. I talked to my sister Lindsay on the phone. She still hasn't had her baby. But she is loopy! She always makes me laugh so hard. I opened the back door and said, "Let's go get in the tub!" They both ran right inside, up the stairs, and I found Gray trying to open the bathroom door by the time I got up there. Smart cookie.

After bathtime, we did jammies and a story. And then I knelt on their bedroom floor just like I always do, for prayers. I asked Nash to fold his arms. He sat down right next to me and folded his arms. I asked Gray to fold his arms and he gave me a sneaky grin and ran around a little bit to see what I would do. I started the prayer anyway, hoping to reward Nash's behavior before the opportunity passed. I can't help but sneak peaks at the boys whenever they fold their arms or hands for the prayer, so I had my eyes open a tiny crack. Just enough to watch as Granger knelt in the space near me and Nash. Making our family prayer a circle for the very first time. They both folded their arms until I said "amen." And then jumped up as proud as they could be. And I smothered them in kisses, and we cheered with our hands in the air touchdown style.

Being a mom is the best.

note- this picture was taken a few nights earlier. we have slowly but surely been working on this habit, so there have been a few fleeting opportunities to snap moments like this!

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