You're mocking me, aren't you?

One of my favorite things is watching the boys responding to the changes pregnancy brings. And I really am grateful they are able to find humor in all this, especially since for about 4 weeks, I was face down on the couch trying to keep it together and praying they didn't completely destroy everything.

They are pretty perceptive, though! Around 8 weeks, they noticed that the kitchen made me sick. Every time I went in the kitchen I gagged. I would take a few deep breaths, go in, get milk or breakfast or whatever for the boys as quick as I could, gag a few times, and get out. One morning, I was psyching up to get them milk and breakfast and I caught them running into the kitchen, making gagging noises, running out and just laughing their little heads off. Like throw your head back laughing.

Gray is also very interested in the baby in mom's belly. Every night, Nash says "bye guys!" as Cam and I tuck them in and shut the door. Gray says "bye baby!" He also likes pulling up my shirt to poke the baby. Which I also think he thinks is my belly button. Same same.

We love seeing pictures of other babies on Instagram. Any kid younger than them or smaller than them is considered a baby. Our favorites are cousin Charly and cousin Kenzee. [Em, I'm not sure how Kenzee got looped into the "smaller than them" category, but "Baby Ehnee!" is a fave.]

They are learning how to give loves right now. We don't really have a lot of stuffed animals and we have absolutely zero baby dolls, but we have an Ernie from sesame street, a puppy from some chiropractic school friends, and the monkey leashes. I love watching them cuddle and squeeze them. They always lay their heads down on top of whatever they are loving. Sweet boys.

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