Pat Sloan 2013 UFO Challenge update

We are back today with a sneak peak of my LLF (Long Lost and Forgotten) UFO Sunbonnet Sue Quilt.  As you remember these blocks are 37 years old and where doing a petty good job of hiding in my closet.  Hopefully next year I can get to the other 2 UFO's that are just as old.

The challenge is Pat Sloan year end 2013 UFO.  I have it all pieced together.  I got pass 2 of my stumbling is sewing all the blocks together and the other one is sewing the borders on.  So now it is on to the fun part and that is the quilting.  It's on the long arm and just waiting for me to get quilting.  Can't wait to show you the whole quilt.  It has turned out really fun and I don't know why I waited so long....

Watch for the finally review next week.  Happy quilting.

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