Hexes and more Hexes

Today I am quilting with paper....That's paper punch Hexes from Stampin-up.
Little Miss Muffet is having an anything-goes-challenge, so I am showing off her new Jamie Stamp with face.  Come join us...

The first card is Jamie from Little Miss Muffet Polka Dot Pals.  I also used her new Add-on-Faces eye stamp for the eyes and glasses.  Remember the Polka Dot Pals have two little beaded eyes?

The second card is Tilda With Bunny Balloon from Magnolia.  Here I colored her eyes in and played with Zentangle on her ballon.

And just so you know that I really love to quilt....here is a picture of my Hexes quilt I am working on now:

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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