Some of you June babies may feel like you got the shaft having a boring pearl as your birthstone.  Other’s of you may love pearls but find them hard to mix into your wardrobe except for special occasions.  Others of you may love the simple strand of heirloom pearls your grandmother gave you and you might wear them all the time.  We all have a different feeling towards different gems.  If you’re one of the first people that I mentioned, I am here to tell you pearls don’t have to be boring or stuffy.  The world of pearls may be more exciting than you think!
There are many different types of pearls and they’re not all white and perfectly round…you have of course luscious Tahitian’s, golden south seas, biwa pearls, keshi pearls, souffle pearls and more!  Here at Spectrum we love pearls of all shapes and sizes, even the round white ones.  We have an incredible selection of fine and fashion pearls that may just change your mind!  If you weren’t aware we also do pearl restringing.  If you have some heirloom (or newer) pearls that just sit in your jewelry box don’t let them go to waste, bring them to us and we will transform them into the jewelry of your dreams.
Have a hanky handy to wipe the drool, and prepare to fall in love…with PEARLS!

Classy Chic Pearls


Funky and Fun Pearls!

Perfect for Everyday Pearls

If you were bored with pearls I hope that we have changed your mind.  Want to spice up your old strand of pearls?  Bring them in and we’ll help you design something that will help you fall in love with your pearls all over again!